Microsoft Access Integration with UPS Worldship

Easy, Accurate, Automated Shipping

UPS LogoSend all your package information directly from your Microsoft Access Desktop application to UPS Worldship, and use the UPS Worldship Hands-Off Shipping or XML Auto Import features to import all the data. Your shipping costs and tracking numbers are returned to your Microsoft Access Desktop application for easy searching, sending customers emails with complete tracking information, and integration with your accounting system, including directly via Quickbooks.

Case Study: A drop shipper was receiving orders from customers' web sites via an Excel spreadsheet. The employee spent many hours every day manipulating the spreadsheet to conform to their products and UPS Worldship formats, often resulting in delays in shipping, and bypassing their standard order and inventory system. Microsoft Access Pros added an end-to-end solution for importing the orders directly from the customers' web sites, verifying the orders, highlighting problems (invalid addresses, incorrect products, etc.), and checking if there is sufficient inventory to ship all the orders. After manual corrections, the orders are converted into the drop shipper's internal order system, and inventory is adjusted. Using a sophisticated packaging algorithm, the products are optimally assigned to as few boxes as possible, and packing slips are generated for each package. The shipping information is then sent to UPS Worldship. After the labels are printed, the shipping department has complete instructions for packing the orders. The shipping costs and tracking numbers are returned to the Microsoft Access desktop application, and each web site owner is sent an email with all their orders, including shipping costs and tracking numbers. This total end-to-end solution has allowed rapid expansion and increased sales for both the drop shipper and the web site owners, while adjusting inventory and providing transparent accounting throughout the process. Everyone wins.

We can integrate UPS Worldship into your existing Microsoft Access desktop application or online application or create a new one. We customize every integration to make sure you get exactly what you need, including custom shipping labels and packing slips.

The image below shows an imported order before conversion.

The image below shows the steps of importing orders. This import is waiting for UPS Worldship to process the packages and provide shipping costs and tracking numbers.